Saint Peter and Paul Parish Church, Borden

... a village church for all denominations

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Members of the PCC

The PCC meets 6 times a year, usually every 2 months on a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning, depending upon which is more convenient.

Mr Phil Matthews: Churchwarden
Mr Peter Bimson: Churchwarden
Mrs Sue Brown: PCC Member, Lay Vice-chair
Mr David Brown: PCC Treasurer
Mrs Jill Petts: Deanery Synod Representative & PCC Secretary
Mrs Christine Ford: Lay Reader
Mrs Denise Mayne: PCC Member
Mr Arne Holman-Baker: PCC Member
Mrs Doreen Masters: Deanery Synod Representative



SS Peter & Paul Church, Borden


Following the Retirement of Fr John Lewis W.E.F. 31st January 2016, SS Peter & Paul Churc, Borden is

Currrently serving status as Interregnum.

We are currently supported by a small group of Priests who assist us in covering Regular Sunday

and Thursday morning Eucharists.