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For Christians marriage is much more than a social contract between two people.  It is seen as representing the marriage between Christ and his bride, The Church.  As such, marriage is indissoluble and life-long.  The preface to the marriage service says,
"No-one should enter into it lightly or selfishly but reverently and responsibly in the sight of Almighty God".
There is clearly much more to Christian marriage than "booking your church for my wedding" as one recent caller from New York put it!

Under normal circumstances marriage will be offered to couples when at least one of them lives within the ecclesiastical parish of Borden, and when neither of them have been previously married to a partner who is still living.

From October 1st 2008 the Church of England has agreed to relax these conditions and it will be possible to marry at Borden if one partner:
  • was baptised or confirmed at Borden
  • has ever lived in the parish for 6 months or more
  • has regularly attended public worship at Borden for 6 months or more
  • has a parent who has lived in the parish for 6 months or more during the partner's lifetime
  • has a parent who has regularly attended public worship at Borden during the partner's lifetime
  • has parents or grandparents who married at Borden
Those who are hoping to marry at Ss Peter & Paul should contact Fr John as early as possible and should not arrange receptions, honeymoons, etc. until the time and date have been confirmed by payment of a non-returnalble deposit of £100 which will be deducted from the total fees.
The official fees for marriage are set by the Archbishop's Council and are subject to a small increase each year.    As a guideline fees for 2013 are expected to be as follows

Marriage Service (includes publication of banns, 4 sessions of preparation,

wedding certificate, organist, verger and floral displays)

Additional services;
Choir £75.00
Bells £80.00
Floral pew ends £20.00
License for video recording £75.00
Calling of banns and provision of certificate for marriage in another parish £41.00


A useful guide to church weddings can be found at


The Ten Commandments !

Here are some important things you MUST not forget

1. If one partner lives outside the Parish, you must arrange for the banns to be read in their local Church of England Parish Church - then show the certificate to Fr. John no later than a week before your marriage.  You will need to contact that church at least 6 weeks before your marriage.

2. Pay your deposit as early as possible.  Your wedding will not be confirmed in the church diary until this has been received.

3. Decide if you wish to have orders of service printed.  Produce a draft and discuss it with Fr. John: he will advise what should and should not be included. Make sure that they will be available for collection from the printer some days before your marriage.

4. Make sure you choose hymns and other music as early as possible so that the organist and choir have good time to prepare.

5. Contact Mrs. Nunn (01795 471461) about flowers as soon as possible, to tell her
what colours you would like included.

6. Tell Fr. John immediately if any circumstances change - such as your address.

7. Arrange for Fr. John to sign form PD2 for your honeymoon passport if you are going

8. Ensure that the video photographer has completed the necessary form at least one week before your marriage.

9. You must pay the total fees for your service at least one week prior to your wedding.

10. Keep in touch with us before the wedding we like to hear how things are
going. Make sure that your rehearsal date is arranged as early as possible so that all the necessary people can attend.

Borden Parish Hall is available for Wedding reception bookings on a Saturday.   See